The inauguration of the country director of Good Neighbors Cambodia (GNC) is a ceremony to mark the commencement of a new country director of GNC. The most recent inauguration ceremony was held at Sen Han Hotel of Phnom Penh on Friday, 13th December 2019, when Mr. Dongwon Jang (from the left) officially resumes the country director duties.

Mr. Jaekyun RHO (from the right), the predecessor of GNC, remembering his achievements for three-years with GNC and ended with a congratulatory remark during the inauguration ceremony.

Mr. Dongchul Park, Regional Coordinator from Good Neighbors South East Asia based in Vietnam also joined and gave a congratulatory remark.

Twenty-seven staff of GNC from the Head Office and fourteen from the 7 Community Development Program (CDP) joined to bit a goodbye message to Mr. Jaekyun RHO and welcome Mr. Dongwon Jang for his formally in charge.