On Friday, July 19th, Good Neighbors Cambodia staff welcomed Good Neighbors International team, Royal Government of Cambodia officials and NGOs staff to celebrate together GNC’s achievements during a festive dinner at the Himarawari Hotel in Phnom Penh.

15 years ago, Ms. Hae Won Chung (third from right) resigned from her position of Good Neighbors International Management Director position to come to Cambodia and start developing children-centered activities in Banteay Meanchey province to help the border region accelerate redevelopment after end of the war, officially ended with the 1991 Paris Peace Agreements. Along with the day care center facility, more and more activities took place, all aimed at improving children’s, and their families, life conditions.

Eventually, GNC’s head office was relocated in Phnom Penh and today, GNC facilitates eight community development programs in 5 different provinces in the country.

M. Jaekyun Rho (first from right), country director of GNC opened the evening with a short introductory speech. H.E. Puth Samith (second from left), General Director of Department of the Education of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, H.E. Chreay Pom (first from left), General Director of Technical Department of the Ministry of Rural Development and H.E. Oum Reatrey (second from left), Governor of Banteay Meanchey Province expressed their thanks to GNC’s staff for their hard work and successes in helping vulnerable communities gradually improve their life conditions. They encouraged GNC to continue its efforts to improve life conditions for vulnerable populations.

Finally, Ms. Hae Won Chung, currently Chairperson of the Global Impact Foundation, Good Neighbors International’s newest entity, and a founding member of Good Neighbors, shared with the crowd her memories of starting the work in Cambodia and gave her thanks to all participants, staff, government and NGOs for carrying on the work and achieving so much. Ms. Song Songmin (second from right), 1st secretary of the Embassy of South Korea in Cambodia, also joined the event, congratulating GNC for its achievements.

Wish to learn more about GNC’s work? Please download our 2018 Annual Report here.