Koah Nheaek & Snuol Community Development Program

More than half of the people living in our remote hill communities are ethnic minorities including Phnong, Krol, Stieng, and Tumpoun. Drought is a big challenge for us each year from January to May when the catchments dry out. We have to buy water from suppliers outside the area.

Another challenge is a habit that’s hard to change. Our communities are living in unsanitary environments and drinking water from unsafe sources. There is open defecation and animals are kept too close to homes, with their excrement causing health problems.

So a priority for us is Water and Sanitation interventions. We have been raising Health, WASH and environmental awareness, promoting the use of toilets and the drinking of purified water. We built Water Stations that make purified drinking water available, built five toilets and three water tanks in local schools to improve sanitation.