Mr. Moen Phana, 31, lives with an 80-year-old mother, elder sister, a wife, and a son. He used to work as a construction worker that he could earn 7.5$ per day. His wife was a waitress in a restaurant and earned 120$ per month. Due to difficult economic conditions in the family, they have family conflictions frequently and it caused domestic violence sometimes. At that time, his wife decided to leave him and her son to find a new job at the border site between Cambodia and Thailand.

“I knew about this project in 2019 and decided to apply for a loan. As a member of the Good Taxi project, I was trained about traffic law, social-economic, and family financial plans. Every day, I work from 1:00 PM until midnight”, he added.

Even though Cambodia’s economy is affected by the pandemic of COVID-19, Mr. Phana has achieved the target of the project to produce sales 500$ per month. As a member of Good Taxi, Mr. Phana joined group monthly meetings regularly. In the meeting, all members have a chance to share the problems in families and business, and each member can give ideas for any solution. Step by step, Mr. Phana has changed his attitude to be more patient. In February 2020, the case of Mr. Phana’s family was raised

in the monthly meeting. Most of the members recommended Mr. Phana to ask his wife and discuss about their son’s future. Finally, his wife decided to come back.

“Every day, I always take my wife to her workplace first, and then I drive the customers. At midnight, I have to take my wife home with my Tuk Tuk. Thanks to GN Cambodia that implements Good Taxi Project. My income has double increased. I can now stay together with my family and afford to send my son to school. Moreover, I commit to support my son until he finishes at the university.” Said Mr. Phana.

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