Ek Phnom Community Development Program

The children who live in floating communities don’t have access to many essential services, including education. Because there are no roads, a boat is essential to travel to school and too many of our young children are unable to get to class. We have helped raise money for communities to buy new boats for school transport.

Hygiene is another challenge: Little girls are not receiving proper health and hygiene information, especially needed as their bodies mature, and they are married very young. The only available options to feed their families are to raise fish or eels.

We started working directly with these communities in 2013, promoting health and hygiene to the children, the Rights of the Child, parenting skills and Financial Management. Now our members can apply for loans to start or expand a small business.

Our Office building has classrooms where we offer pre-school for little children, and vocational training including computer classes, English class, and sewing classes.