For the floating villages along the Sangker river, the only form of transport is via boat. Without a boat, children cannot get to school, so GNC agreed to contribute to the cost of a community-owned boat when approached by the Prek Toal Village Chief.

A new boat costs USD 1,080 and GNC is prepared to contribute up to USD 900, hoping to raise the rest of the funds from the community.

Savuth VUON, the Community Development Facilitator for Education and Advocacy, chaired the meeting outdoors on the land behind the village, asking the community to pledge support. Various members come forward, slowly at first, and then enthusiasm generated more contributions. At the morning meeting, over USD 250 is raised – more than enough to proceed with the new school boat.

Sotharith HUN, the Commune Chief, said that children without transport were much less likely to attend school, and that this larger boat would ensure safe travel to and from the local school, which is 6 Km away along the river.