Pol Slin is a farmer in Srae Roung village, Royar commune which is about 35 kilometers from Koh Nhaeak district, Mondulkiri province. She got married to her husband and has 7 children. Slin’s financial condition left her with no choice. Every day, Slin and children had to carry water from the open stream that is 2 kilometers away from home for daily usage.

The 47-year-old mother said “My children exposed to many kinds of waterborne diseases causing them to miss school. Sometimes, it had developed into serious conditions leading to life-threatening complications. I knew that, but I could not afford a better way.” In 2018, Good Neighbors Cambodia cooperated with Good Solar Innovation and local authorities to install the Solar Water Pump at Srae Roung primary school. Todays, Slin’s family, and other 70 households are using the clean water from the installation.

“I am glad that I can have clean water close to my house. I can now save time to work and the expense on my children’s medical treatment as well.”, said Slin.